Ballengers Biking

Now and again, between soccer practices and music lessons, we’ll take to the streets to revel in the freedom of two wheels and no particular place to go.

(Production Note: 1) Grrr! I tried saving this in a zillion formats. Quicktime was the only one that actually displayed the movie. 2) I had an aged film effect going, but what were static-y, scratched images at first became simple, elegant black screens. No cute hubster and children biking. My intent in attempting aged film was to pretend that this ride was filmed long ago – before little girls on their bikes were made to wear helmets. Clearly, I need more experience with the iMovies. And I need to remember helmets for BOTH the kids.)

4 thoughts on “Ballengers Biking

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you took that video on the saddle of a bike, I am hot-damn impressed with your mad movie skilz. I am wishing I could bike one-handed, but I guess it is different when you don’t have to pull a hundred pounds (not kidding) in a trailer. I am the wind’s bitch when I ride. I need both hands to keep from flopping over. And, FYI I think it is okay George has no helmet. There was no traffic. Besides, we survived without them…And, the plastic also focuses the Alien Brain Waves straight at the kiddos. Or so I am told…


  2. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    Pop – You’ve met that boy and even suspected him long, long ago. Yes, we are all that old.

    Molly – Parrish had a second grade teacher who was all bikey and stuff. I’m sure she made him a cautious freakazoid.

    Tracy – I had a long movie-style track laced through the neighborhood. The camera whizzed by alongside Jesse and the kids with that “oh shit” shot of the street thrown in for authenticity. I was at home eating bon bons in my uninterrupted sleep.

    See Molly? Tracy knows all about the dangers of bike helmets and alien contact. So there!

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