Buy My Friends’ Way Cool Stuff

My pal Tracy is selling at auction this silvery cheeked hornbill and macaw feathered, white buckskin with detachable seed beaded handle, peoyte pow wow fan. Maybe I didn’t sell it right, but the part that’s the best is that Tracy is nothing if not practical. Therefore, this fan moves air. She will custom bead the darn thing too! Tracy is a member of the Caddo Tribe in Oklahoma and my algebraic bff from back in the day when we ignored equations in favor of geometric applications to friendship bracelets. Finally, without being related to anything, she has shampoo commercial hair and crystal clear skin.

Oh, but Tracy isn’t my only gifted artist friend. I have tons, and another one selling her wares is Anneliese. The girl has an etsy store. She’s also a friend from high school, but she did real math and was even a member of Mu Alpha Theta. Of course, it did nothing to cure her of her quirky greatness.

If you’ve been following, and I presume you haven’t, I am pro-handmade gifts. I’m not prepared to make, give, or sell my own goods, so I have to do some searching. I found this Indie Collective that may help expand my shopping sources of handmade goodness.

ON EDIT: Tracy gets her fan handles from waste at new home and remodel construction sites. She sells them just like that too. Her feathers are naturally molted and cruelty free. So, see? Way cooler than I expressed. And she has photos of herself with her grandmother and a table of fans.

4 thoughts on “Buy My Friends’ Way Cool Stuff

  1. Anonymous says:

    Geez, all I can do is macrame plant hangers. Useful when you want that ’70s vibe in your house. Ooh, I can draw stick-people too.

    Your friends have some great talents. Keep them around.


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