Can I have a napkin, please?

Once or twice a year we go to the mall to see a first run movie on Jesse’s insistence. Though I protest publicly, I secretly think Jesse is correct that my miserly, hermit-like ways will deprive my kids of what little joy there is in Generamerica. If I had a show like this waiting for me, we’d go to the mall for more than just $9.50/person air conditioning and $7 popcorn.

Public displays like this, which Cassandra brought to my attention, may very well be the answer to our sluggish economy. Dinner and a show at the mall (Dinner in the sense of noon-day meals and not this “lunch” stuff, right my fellow Oklahomans?) might keep me around for a goo-gaw purchase as well. OH! Maybe the stores could stock stuff I’d feel good about buying then I’d get multiple goo-gaws. That would be totally awesome, for sure.

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