Blogoraptor’s List of Five Things

go site A writing prompt given to my son last year asked him to create a list of five things. I’m revisiting it this year because 1) the list accurately reflects his thought process, 2) not only is it thoughtful and creative, it’s funny, 3) public schools, 4) he killed it on his PSAT, which is not related but brag-worthy anyway, and 5) today is his birthday. This is his list.

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Sunny Day Books for Sunny Daze Reading Rainy day readers miss the boat when it comes to experiencing the pleasure of reading on the hottest days of the year. Thanks to global climate change, this may soon change. Readers will learn to anticipate the moment they fall into a sunny daze and need to assemble a pile of the right sunny day books before the haboob strikes.

Sunny Day Books for Sunny Daze Reading

Sunny Daze Reading Art by Joel Yohn.

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If Donald Trump Inspired a Joseph Finder Novel

FinderFakeAt the 2016 Tucson Festival of Books, Joseph Finder discussed the high-profile sources he tapped into while doing research for his novels. A co-panelist asked, “Who?” “Billionaires,” Finder responded. “Trump?” “He’s not a billionaire.” But not all Finder’s characters are billionaires. Many of them face relative financial challenges. So… what if Trump was in a Joseph Finder novel?
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