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The-Good-DeathIn her book The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America, Ann Neumann challenges the idea that we must extend human life at whatever cost–financial, physical, emotional or spiritual. I came into this book the same way Neumann did. We provided the intimate work of caring for our dying fathers, the in-home care that allows zero privacy and leaves zero pride. My father may have had a “good enough” death under my roof while Neumann’s father had a “good enough” death at a hospice facility, but our journeys meandered similarly along confused pathways. However, The Good Death is not the end-of-life care examination I preconceived; it covers a great deal more territory.
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HeartbeatI went to the doctor yesterday for a routine check up. I had some concerns that amount to, “you’re getting older and all you do is sit in front of a computer.” Those may have been the doc’s exact words, but he’s sending me for tests and gave me a referral to a cardiologist anyway. I figured this was the ideal excuse to get the family to do what I want them to do for a change.
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Dad has pretty much always questioned authority, thumbed his nose at convention, and rebelled against whatever he felt like. He keeps his mind open for continuing revelations even when those are that the status quo ain’t all that bad. For example, after much study he concluded that Elvis is probably dead and aliens are probably not a direct threat, but he’s had enough of the hospital so, smell ya later.

Dad, this movie is for you.

Since we don’t have a television at the moment (CURSES!), I’ve been watching a lot of digital video discs. I stumbled across cheap lasix 40 mg at the buy lasix online overnight delivery. This movie is my new best friend and proves that punk was around long before Punk. You don’t have to have pink hair, though blue works nicely. I LOLed at this movie, but I was also deeply touched. Do yourself a favor, if you aren’t going to rent the movie, at least Google their performances of can you buy lasix online and buy lasix online canada, though they are more powerful in context.

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I had dinner at “the club” with the Bendicksons the other night and we discussed the lineup for the buy lasix online with mastercard. In the past they have shown movies like buy lasix online uk, buy lasix online usa, buy lasix online australia, where can i buy lasix water pills online, can you buy lasix over the counter, can i buy lasix over the counter, lasix furosemide buy online, cheap lasik eye surgery in houston, cheap lasik surgery singapore, cheap lasik surgery in dubai and even US films like cheap lasik eye surgery and cheap lasik eye surgery in mumbaiin 3D. This year there are only two films that interest me. Perhaps the line-up is a little too Western? I’ve seen all the movies.

The solution? Saturday night Movie Time at the Bendicksons. Last week, it was on a Friday because the Bendicksons are all punk like that. They don’t need no stinkin’ badges. This week, they are going tropical with cheap lasik eye surgery philippines followed by cheap lasik eye surgery cost. The plan is to wax nostalgic all cheap lasik surgery philippines (RIP) like with their late night double feature picture show.

Perhaps they might consider cheap lasik eye surgery in delhi out of Denmark for a future screening ala Microcosmos. I always love to see insects buzzing about and kiddos running in fields in their underwear, but the narrator uses his preschool voice and that is a huge turn-off. The information is appropriate for an older kid and there is some sick propolis action. Also, there is a seven page guidebook that is a little worksheet-y and perhaps a twee young for my kids, but since the 8 YO Girl did a project on bees for Hawt Mz, she is on it like honey on a comb. And just for that local touch, the guidebook has a buy lasix australia that provides lesson plans for kids K-12.

For family night, Handsome Hubster rented cheap lasik eye surgery chicago That part compelling him to push the envelope is still in tact. Somewhere, I lost my obvious punk edge (never could afford the accouterments anyway) and became a little mommy-two-shoes as evidenced by my watching City of Bees with the 8 YO followed by subsequent Internet searches for further study, but deep down I have the heart of a RebL as placed by my daddy-o, who never wanted me to call him “Shirley” either. Turns out Dad’s cancer is Stage 4 and he’ll decide soon if he wants to ward it off with chemo or garlic or both or neither. I’m grateful for my dad and the community who have come out in such numbers they sometimes must wait their turn. You can follow him and whatever he chooses to tell you cheap lasik eye surgery collection;travelDestinations. As for me, I’m off to the Bendicksons.

Did I mention I am a sellout Amazon Associate? I am and even managed to make $2 off you suckers!