Cholla Back Girl

Discovery Day was awesome, but I shouldn’t have worn white. OH! And my son is this tall.

3 thoughts on “Cholla Back Girl

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who chopped off your poor head? the captcha to leave this comment is poolushne. I think I am naming my next dog Poolushne. Or maybe this is the word for a swimming pool that has a bad smell. I am finally using gasoline powered transportation again. Thank Gawd, since it was DAMN cold riding the kid to preK. And I get the free time to work on FANS again! I’ll send pics!


  2. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    The big boy chopped off my head. He was behind the camera, which apparently only aimed forward that day. Either that or he was trying to get a good shot of those cholla roots.

    And, hey, I have some chicken feathers for you if you are interested. I have primary, secondary, and fluff feathers. Let me know.

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