Cool Buddies Doing Cool Things

Populist Pugilist just started a poetry blog. He promises an entry a week with his first being a partial glimpse at a collection titled Grace Poems. Here’s what he has to say about it:

Grace Poems is a cycle of individual pieces unified by the character of Grace. Hopefully each poem can stand on its own, but they also hopefully all compliment one another and form a whole greater than the sum.

Grace herself is partly inspired by certain real people and is my tribute to them and to what (in my mind) they stand for. I also model Grace on poetic figures that may be a bit obvious (Dante’s Beatrice and Yeats’s Cathleen, Crazy Jane, etc.). My intent was to create in Grace a symbol of ideas, values, beliefs, emotions and myths. But I also wanted to give Grace a certain reality and personality.

I’m not saying that these poems have anything to do with me, but let’s face it, I’m nothing if not graceful. Irregardlessivity, this is my blog where everything is about me and therefore I’m telling you I am “certain real people” and also the woman Dante had in mind for Beatrice. What? We were close. Ask Shirley McClain.

Populist knows I am not smart enough for poetry. I hate that because I don’t wish to lend my idiocy to the built-in snobbery of the literary world where novels are marginalized for spelling things out for the women who read them. I do offer my mother and mother-in-law (Yeats is one of her faves) as women who can appreciate and interpret poetry. For my part, I will continue to presume I’m Grace. In fact, I will presume all Populist’s good poetry is about me and all the bad poetry is about my antagonists because they are the way most evil.

Guess what else is also about me? Tracy’s cool new stuff. She’s shared with me her current inspiration. Anyone would be privileged to own one of her fans. Perhaps she won’t hate me forever if I let you in on her current work. I’m very excited about it.

Don’t you just ADORE that pop of teal (blue, turquoise – as with poetry, so am I with color). These here feathers are causing Tracy quite some tortured artist feelings in terms of involuntary bodily tingles, urges, and so forth. I think she enjoys the physical symptoms of longing and waiting while mulling over the possibilities. On the other hand, so much of her is in her craft that she says, “I feel like I am putting children on the orphan train headed west every time I mail a fan off.”

Tracy is just good with words like that. Here’s what Tracy says about this photo, “These are the sticks I use to violate the quills for my fans.” Hee hee. Sometimes I’m overly in touch with my inner 8 YO boy. That may be another reason for my stunted poetic understandings and also why Tracy is the artist and I am the friend.

My cool buddies are doing cool things that the world views as “art” while I muddle away with shrinkey dinks and kids’ paint and this blog. I’ll update you when Tracy’s next fan comes up for sale (if she manages to convince herself to orphan another), but you should really sign up to follow Populist.

3 thoughts on “Cool Buddies Doing Cool Things

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks!! I tried your butcherpaper teeshirt trick. Perhaps I misunderstood the directions, because my shirts had a big muddy blotch in the middle, not a flower in a pot. I may try again this weekend.

    Thanks for the free press!! You Rock!!

    On a happy note about my hubby being gone all the darn time, he is doing fiber to the home projects, so I had him bring home almost 700 feet of 300 pair fiber and gave it to the art teacher along with LED christmas light bulb replacements. I can’t wait to see what the kids make with it. The fiber transmits light pulses over miles…This is gonna be cool.;)

    Thanks bunches!!

  2. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    Tracy, 1: Use butcher paper on the inside of the t as backing. 2: Iron the backing and the stencil on BUT GOOD. Straight on the paper with no ironing cloth between the iron and the paper, hot hot hot highest setting. 3: Paint from the paper to the fabric for sharper edges. 4: Use thick paint that doesn’t run (acrylic or fabric paints). Then you can heat set the color with your iron.

    Holy crap! Which school? They should do something awesome. Might as well get something good out of the distance.

  3. populistpugilist says:

    I was on board with your being graceful and reincarnated, but being plural could be cause for concern and pharmaceuticals.

    Thanks for the plug and the prodding (wow, that sounds awfully intimate and/or medical). Four folks so far have asked me to extend their thanks to you.

    And I ain’t never gonna buy the “too dumb for poetry” line. Anybody who does their thesis on Borgman can’t make the “that’s too abstract and syntactically Gorgian” argument. If you would just, you know, leave it at “I don’t have the patience to read that crap”–or whatever–then I’d leave you alone about it.

    Anyhoo, I’ll keep at it, I promise–round two probably mid-week.

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