Democraps and Repooplicans

“Mom, have you ever heard of a Repooplican?”

“No. But that’s pretty funny. Where did you hear that?”

“Oh, I was thinking about how ‘Democrat’ sounded like ‘Democrap’ and then it just came to me.”

You gotta give it to my 8 YO boy, “Democrap” and “Repooplican” are clever AND descriptive.

I wish I had a nickname like “Barracuda” – you know, not the “swallow whole” metaphor way, but more like the “holy shit, watch out for her” sort of way. Barracuda is the first song on the third CD of that mixed tape* Max made me. When I’m rollin’ in the MV that base hits and I’m all “hell yeah, Molms!” I’ve been pissed at the Democraps for 7+ years now. WTF have they been thinking? doing? They must have Repooplican for brains.

I’ve not been successful at channeling my inner Repooplican. The woman doesn’t get me. Her rocking awesome nickname doesn’t get me. Heart protests the very use of their song for Repooplican Governor Barracuda! Sorry, Maverick. You lost me at Palin. Besides, I’m ready for the retro stylings of cheques and balances.

Lest you think all my word joy comes from the boy, the hubster explained the economic situation we are having now as compared to the great depression to the 6 YO girl. She thought on it a while, re-entered the room and clarified, “But we’re happy now, right?”


* Haven’t I mentioned enough the mixed tapes I have received from Max and Anna enough? Do you get the picture. First, the hubster stole my iPod and second, I like mixed tapes and I cannot lie!

6 thoughts on “Democraps and Repooplicans

  1. Anonymous says:

    If barracudas eat baby fish isn’t this kinda like aquatic-abortion? Isn’t Mistress-of-all-things-master-of-none-Sarah ProLife? I really worry about all the Downed and extra-chromosoned underrepresented tropical fish. Shouldn’t she have a debate about how the war in Afghanastan needs to be escelated to protect those poor fishies in the Bahamas and Key West? She could start another oversight committee in Alaska to discuss the pros and cons of giving the people of Alaska (you can see Russia from there) an infusion of funds to protect those challenged fish?

    I ate oreo doublestuf for breakfast. forgive me. Chocolate really feeds my smarmy side.


  2. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    Dad, the kids are my best guest writers. They are way funny.

    Dennis, “mixed tape CD.” You know how I’m a technology immigrant. You can’t expect me to know all the idiomatic language.

    Pop, 7+ years? You’ve known me longer than that.

    Tracy, more Oreos for you!

  3. Lynette says:

    LOL That is soo funny! My kids call democrats democraps too, I’ll have to share the new one I heard now…only they THINK they are republicans, I say THINK cuz they are too young and are just going on what they hear, LOL

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