Er, uh, “Bird Friends” – You heard me!

I made a fool of myself tonight and it might be on 11 at 9 and 9 at 10.

We released a screech owl in BELL tonight. Darlene at Forever Wild gave us the owl. Amy from my book club brokered the deal. Anna and Kurt are the chairs of BELL. What do I have to do with it? Squat. Look at these jokers. Either of them know twice what I know and Anna looked beautiful tonight. GLUG!

Film to come. Double GLUG!

One thought on “Er, uh, “Bird Friends” – You heard me!

  1. banana says:

    In my perception, Kurt and I threw you to the hungry pack of camera wolves, while we stood at a safe distance watching them devour you.
    See, we really aren’t good people.

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