First Two Things, Then Off to Bed

First, an update. Look at how famous I am! Fox shot me pointing a finger at some vegetables. BTW, isn’t Molly every bit as gorgeous as I always said?

Second, my dad often quoted the old joke, “Weaving? I can’t even knit!” Well, here’s a reason to learn. Go to the description. Ho-ly HA-HA! You can even click to enlarge. Oh, those crafty AntiCrafters!

Big thanks to my pal Tracy for the AntiCraft lead!

4 thoughts on “First Two Things, Then Off to Bed

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all, you are right about Molly. I’d date her. Rawr! Cute hat, sweetie! You looked like you were hiding from the camera instead of proclaiming your awesome famousness on TV.

    Second, I gotta find someone to teach me to knit! Derek’s B-Day is coming up, and he’s on the road alot, and in case he goes out and picks up a hooker with the 25$ a week allowance I give him, he needs a wool condom. Hell, who doesn’t need one?!

    -Tracy (finding new and silly ways to waste time in cyberspace, then sharing with her buddies..)

  2. John says:

    Me, too, nimblefingers. I liked the pink hat bestest. The way you kept underneath the bill, I was reminded of convenience store grainy videos of heinous robberies. The voiceover was equally cryptic: who was that woman in the gorgeous, if rumpled, tee shirt?
    And why, pray tell, isn’t your Dad asked if he’d date Molly?


  3. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    Considering I want Molly to be my friend for all of my life, neither of you can date her. Tracy, you should be ashamed! You are married (but she is hawt, right?). And Dad – GROSS! Oh, and Molly is married to a rock star drummer/welder who is equally hawt so none of us really has a chance anyway.

    Attorney Populist Pugilist reports that people have been convicted with less photographic evidence than what I put out there.

  4. populistpugilist says:

    2006 robbery at a Yale ATM. Defendant wore a Zorro mask. He got eight years suspended after three with five years probation.

    Remind me to never ask you to knit me a cap. Or weave, or whatever.

    “No, Norwegian, but you can take my plate.”

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