Fruits and Their Labels

I adore the look of Daryl Hannah’s website. I need to be idle rich so I can find my inner artist. But enough of my sour grapes. On her tips page, she gives the lowdown on figuring out if your produce is conventionally grown, organically grown, or if it contains genetically modified organisms. Such useful information!

It got me thinking about reproductive issues. Or it could be the desert brush (broom?) plant in blooming in the bird sanctuary, apparently a female. In nature, plant breeding occurs between sexually compatible organisms. Isn’t this the argument used against gay marriage? So, maybe I should be in favor of GMOs or should I be against gay marriage? Or is it possible that you can be in favor of abortion and against the death penalty or vice versa? Cognitive dissonance? False polars? I’ve always enjoyed thinking over seemingly conflicting beliefs. I’m getting away from my point.

My point is that if you are a huge company profiting from GMOs, then you should provide benefits to nontraditional spousal partners as well. No it’s not. My point is that if you want to know what is going into your aging body, the tiny bodies of your children, or the heart-attack-waiting-to-happen body of your husband, then learning to read labels seems an important skill. More importantly, would someone please give me a website and lifestyle like Daryl Hannah?

One thought on “Fruits and Their Labels

  1. Todd-o says:

    I wonder what the footprint of DH’s face lift is.

    If we all go corn diesel, won’t that drive up the price of corn, leaving third world countries more hungry than they are now?

    How does corn diesel fit into multicropping and soil sustainability?

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