Not the real sort of housekeeping where I wash dishes or any of that. As the hubster will attest, I detest such frivolity and won’t entertain even the thought it. For example, here is my drawing room:

And my library:

Okay, these are photos of the Collyer Brother’s home, but only because we don’t have a drawing room or a library. Instead we have a landfill and a Goodwill drop-off station, and unlike these photos, my clutter is in color. I’m ignoring the real cleaning for now. The housekeeping to which I refer is the mental, electronic sort. Therefore, today I’m presenting a listy sort of thing.

1. I’ve delivered another phenomenal guest post to Denveater. Seriously, I am so erudite, sophisticated, amazing … where was I? Oh, yes, I am well edited. That’s what I mean. She makes me smart. Big hearts to the glamorous, hilarious, and freakishly intelligent Ruth for whom I’d write anything.

2. While driving around in the minivan listening to the oldies station and not paying attention, the 6 YO girl says, “Mom, if it is a bad case, then he probably should go to the doctor, but I think he’s talking to his girlfriend.”

3. I’ve been crazy stand-on-my-head while running in circles busy. This is the afternoon of my dreams:

Thems are beets from Hawt Mz. Molly who identified and lifted one of my many recent foul moods, veggie fried rice fortified by backyard chicken eggs, and a Mexican Coke made with real sugar and not the post-New Coke crap.

4. I’m proud of my for pay job. It’s fun, interesting, and challenging. I actually get to use my college degree. Yup. I got one or two or three. I know, I know. You are shocked, but it’s true. I don’t do anything without my computer guru, Ultimate. Except this, I did this all by myself (with the help of a zillion other people). You can see me in the background trying to convince people how cool my job is. Get out your tissue. Two asides: A) don’t get me in trouble and B) we are in a capital campaign and if you have a check for a million or so, your gift will be fully tax deductible.

And just like that, I’m exhausted and can’t sweep up one more item for you. Those dusty corners aren’t going anywhere. I’m totally going to do a Scarlet O’Hara on them.

3 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    Yes, we did have to publish the wishes and in rapid succession so that you could experience the emotion of “I wish daddy would come home” right next to “I wish I could fly.” I have more heart-string pulling plans with those wishes, so stay tuned.

    That beautiful staircase is in Santa Fe, NM. I saw it once, but I was too busy listening to a friend tell me how people asked to see her horns and tails after they found out she is Jewish, so I couldn’t appreciate the construction.

  2. Tracy says:

    Odd…I thought Jewish people were some sort of animal rights weirdos growing up because the wouldn’t eat Wilbur. I didn’t know they had horns, too. They must be retractable. Kinda like my invisible teepee and little bitty herd of buffalo I keep since I live in OK and I’m NDN.

    Well, If you go back, will you take a pic for me?

    The wishes made me snotty and boogery. No more plans are necessary you sadistic librarian!

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