Hubster’s Travels

Handsome Hubster went to Montana. He promised photographs. By the way he talked I imagined sweeping images of romantic vistas that reminded him of his beloved (that’s me), who he’d left behind. An image along the lines of …

Yessss. I imagine a picnic with pink lemonade, potato salad, coleslaw, and roast beef sandwiches. I can smell the beef now.

HO-LY COW! WTF? [Gag, wretch] HH, are you serious? When you were talking about the amazing sights, I didn’t realize you were referring to amazing sites. Though I admit, the bison jump and the bison kill are marginally interesting.

Not as interesting as the tipi rings.

Those are cool, but what I really want to see pictorially is you, babe.

You’re squirrelly, it’s true, but I want a picture of you.

Ahhh… so handsome, even in silhouette.

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