I Heard the News Today…

The best part about my recent trip to Canada is that I allowed myself to take a real vacation. I didn’t even get dressed without reading the newspaper. Here’s a round-up of stories that captured my attention.

From the Globe and Mail in Vancouver…

From the Obituaries
McDonalds franchise owner responsible for the invention of the Egg McMuffin passed away March 25th at the age of 89. Had I known, I would have canceled my trip in favor of mourning, or at the very least I would have had a breakfast sandwich in his memory. Say what you’d like about McDonald’s, but Herb Peterson was a great man whose McMuffin has brought me great joy. (The Canadians may take exception to the term “Canadian bacon”, but I say the Chicago-born Herb can call that stuff whatever he likes.)

Tiny Mentions
A French folk song is the oldest recording of the human voice. Recorded 148 years ago, a 10-second recording was made by a Parisian inventor who got lots of recognition. The singer’s name wasn’t mentioned. As usual, the poor artist gets the shaft again. If you have a particular sort of something you can even listen to the recording.

Star Gazing
In less than 48 hours Carla Bruni managed to step neatly out of the role of temptress, husband-stealer and all-round sexual velocraptor into the role of an impeccably poised first lady. People are trying to compare her to Jackie O but, pul-eeze. Forget it.

Big Boys with Little Toys
To commemorate their 40th anniversary, Hot Wheels had a design contest. All the major car companies were represented and somebody won. Hooray! The real news is that this momentarily took Parrish’s mind off LEGOs and Bionicles.

Homework Completed
George’s teacher told her to look for a great tree while in Vancouver and she did just that. After reading this story about Stanley Park’s Hollow Tree, George was on a mission. She listened to the story closely, cut out the article, and kept it with her even as she slept in the closet. We went to visit the tree where George was interviewed by a broadcast journalism student. He asked her several questions about the tree, to which she gave her informed opinion. Her major soapboxing was that it was time to stop spending money on the tree. “Trees are part of nature and they should fall over theirselves.”

American Politics
(Editorial note: There is hardly mention of McCain except in terms of his existence. Clinton is mentioned occasionally, but mostly in terms of her desire to renegotiate NAFTA. They don’t appreciate that idea. Obama is the love child of Canada I think. They discussed him in detail, including the following article.)

Did you know Obama only wears white dress shirts? Apparently so, and this article even gives you tips on getting your own white shirt. Seriously. Because it really matters if you are white collar. I think I’m going to go buy myself a blue collared shirt. No disrespect to Obama, but since I’m now forced to think of the symbolism of my shirts…

We may have the same news here in the States. I wouldn’t know. I don’t have time to read the newspaper now that I have my internet access back. Canadians have a serious lack of free wifi.

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