I Wouldn’t Want That Nasty Thing In My Mouth Either!

So, the hubster was asked point blank what I was up to today. He said, “The same old thing.”

(Thanks Parrish.)

I think he meant, “Oh, her. Still taking up space, you know?” Uh… he knew a $25K grant came for my work today and that I may be a bene eligible employee again. What sort of retirement fund hater is he anyway?

(Thanks Todd.)

I shall elaborate on the gist of what the hubster meant. “Yup, she’s hogging all the oxygen.” I did tell him my don’t-tell-anyone-I-taught-you-this mechanic buddy let me use his power tools* and how empowering it was for me.

(Thanks Jesse via Todd.)

Seriously, it was an awesome freaking day filled with awesome freaking stuff and all he can come up with is that I’m doing the same ol’? The note on my morning coffee had better be awesome. You hear that, honey? Awesome.

* Just so you know, this was totally going to be a blog full of innuendo regarding long screws and the hubster ruined that with all his talk like, “Last I checked her heart was still beating.”

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