Incognito on Rachael Ray

The episode of Rachael Ray featuring the hard work of Hawt Mz. Molly and crew will be aired on March 6th. If you follow the link, there are two pictures of yours truly in a flash format, so I couldn’t easily steal them. Now do you think that’s fair? Neither do I, so I learned how to poach images. BTW, I’m not saying Ultimate taught me how to do that photo stealing trick, but you know, if you need some computer work done he knows his shiznit. If they threaten me, I’ll tear the photos down asap (or as soon as possible, Brett, whichever comes first) so look quickly.

Photo 1. ‘Member my pal who teaches me how to fix my car? ‘Member the guy who taught me how to use power tools? Well, he and I totally built this farm stand. By “he and I” I mean he did the work while preventing me from circular sawing off my oppositional thumb (it’s like the rest of me). I am not clearly in this photo, but my work is. Unclearly, I am in the back ground in the jeans and whiteish shirt next to my pal Lori who didn’t sign a release and loudly cursed while proclaiming her judgeship. She did sign a release later, but she claimed it was bullshit. Judges get to talk like that.

Photo 2. I’m way more clearly in this photo. See me? Behind the kale? I cropped (oh, an unintentional, but awesome garden pun) out the rest of the photo, but you can follow the link to see the whole thing.

If this is going to be the most highly rated Rachael Ray show of all time, you need to tune in on March 6th and watch it. If for some reason, they air me not in obscurity, there is an antidote. Rubbing sand in your eyes will rid you of this vision.

4 thoughts on “Incognito on Rachael Ray

  1. hawt mala says:

    OMG! i mean buy it already, lady. just BUY it. waste the money and thought and just do it. i believe i saw all the footage and your beauty face is in it plenty of times holding chickens and the like. just you wait…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Molly is still Hawt. In fact, I got permission to date her from Derek, but there must be video. Now, I only need to get her to agree…HaHaHa. The clip is awesomeness, and I have my DVR set. I guess this makes me nationally famous by proxy, eh? You rock!! I hope you get your care package soon….

    Newest Rachel Ray Fan.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I sat throo Tori Spelling, which must mean I am in love with you.

    I also watched a really cool bit about Crock Pots. I love my Crock Pot alot, so that was fun.

    Then I got to see HAwt Molly and a fab-u-lus clip about your school, chickens, community gardens, and Newly Famous Miss George. That was really neato, I watched it twice. I liked the chicken attachment statement “Well, some of the kids don’t have pets…” Awesome Teacher, Awesome Parent Support, Awesome Kiddos = The very best in the USA education. Kudos and Curtsies to all.

    Molly really is an amazing teacher, and she deserved an accolade on a national forum.


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