It Was the Milk!

Not the cookies, not the chocolate, not the cup cakes, not the chips, not the fries, not the pizza, not the soda, not the candy – NO! The 8 YO boy filled the bathroom sink with vomit because of the milk. I should have known.

5 thoughts on “It Was the Milk!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Little boys are like cats, they can both vomit twice their bodyweight. Is there anything worse than digging vomit boogers out of a sink drain? Nope, I don’t think so either. Sometimes I wish the toilet and the sink were on the same plumbing. Yes, Yes, I know the bathtub is worse, but it’s bigger and easier to get ALL the puke in one spot.


  2. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    A, I saw into his teen years at a birthday party on Sat. It will be filled with junk food regardless of how I make him puke now. I should just give in.

    T, fishing the chunks out of the sink sent me to heaving myself. But it was the middle of the night vomit in the bed that took the cake.

    I told someone today that he ate a bunch of junk food and puked. He chimed in with, “It was awesome!”

  3. John says:

    These are the times that try men’s souls:

    “When will that woman stop coddling that boy so I can get back to sleep”, husbands think as they roll over grumpily. God smiles and brings us men sweet dreams — until the pukesmelly woman comes back to bed to talk it all over with us.

    Projectile vomit at midnight was one of the things you thought of when you decided to have children, wasn’t it?


  4. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    I do not dare wake Jesse in the middle of the night with puke stories. First, he doesn’t do well with puke. It paralyzes his brain. Second, he has to be spry in the morning to deal with his wife’s coffee in bed demands.

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