Gramp-A-Long would like to hear more about the 9 YO boy. According to that ol’ gas bag, my focus has been too 6 YO girl centric. Setting aside that he once told me that sometimes one kid is on the brain and other times another child is, I’m going to try to excuse/explain my way out of that accusation.

As it happens, the girl is more interested in Mommy than the newly 9 boy, so we spend more time together doing girlie stuff. That’s all. Besides, the boy has his own blog to tell you about his great adventures – not that he is all that active. He’s making a movie and the footage got all screwed up. Then we got distracted by his rendition of Smoke on the Water using double stops on an electric guitar. Besides, I don’t need to blog about the boy because The Fungal Heart has already posted the devious details of daring devils in a dizzy day out-of-doors, the 9 YO among them.

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