The Magic Car Port Carpet

Early in the evening Handsome Hubster rolled out a carpet in the car port. How plush is that? The idea was that he’d get it ready for storage with a quick clean, then wrap it up for safekeeping. I had been in the backyard wondering if my grapefruit tree could be brought back to life. I have hope. Many new leaf clusters are busting out of otherwise lifeless branches. I credit Handsome Hubster’s deft work creating a berm at the tree’s drip line. Just past the tree I could see Handsome Hubster at work creating magic. Hadn’t he just set the stage for a terribly special occasion? I thought so. Of course, there was food.

Then this one

and this one

asked me to read. After four chapters, we were reduced to lollygagging.

I love special occasions. Don’t you?

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