Mom-a-tron Works

I’m at a conference. I’ve left my life in the hands of Handsome Hubster, whom I continue to trust though he’s given me plenty of reasons to question this tendency of mine. One thing he likes to do when I’m gone is throw things away, things like integral pieces of expensive gadgets and all my tax receipts. Consequently, I don’t go away much.

Hubster claims to love the children, so I trust him with them as well. This is the third time I’ve been away from my children in the 9+ years I’ve been a mother. Three years ago, I left my kids with their dad and this is the result:

Aren’t they cute? A-DOR-able! Even so, they need me home. They may not realize it because this trip all they know is movie night is every night and chicken nuggets are the order of the day. Even so, I predict that upon my return, the kids will realize Hubster trashed their treasure, sucked their awesome, and, yes Hawt Mz, yucked their yum.

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