Mushy Guy Stuff

For Mother’s Day, the 9 YO made a chameleon out of twirled paper for me. It took him hours and it’s absolutely lovely.

The chameleon was the first ever twirled paper project he attempted. He followed the directions in a book. For his second project, he went rogue. That’s right! He made a three-banded armadillo for his father using only the skills he had after one project plus his BRAIN! That’s right! He couldn’t wait for Father’s Day to give it to the Hubster.

My father-in-law was buried on Father’s Day (today is the calendar anniversary). His children put together a funeral that not only honored my father-in-law, but also one fitting his personality, lifestyle, and ideals. I feel like reposting the slide show his children made for him. So, here it is:

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