My Baby Riffs!

My boy is riffin’ the blues. I’m not sure what that means, but it was aaaawesome! Per my usual e-clepto behavior, I sneaked some free intro applause and exit blues off the World Wide Web for this video. Me edit pretty one day. Unfortunately for you but better for the 9 YO boy, I was too lazy to add a running commentary. If I had, it would go like this:

  • I’m verging on nervous barfdom, so I steadied my shaky camera on the armrest. Now that I look on it, don’t you think I should get a real video camera already? This decade old still camera just doesn’t cut it for video.
  • The boy is pretty cute as he debates Jeff about his introduction. Jeff, the boy likes fanfare!
  • The House Band: Jeff, the electric guitarist, is the Co-Founder of Allegro. Even better, he’s a native Oklahoman. Tommy, the bass player, can quote Spaceballs,* which totally rocks. I haven’t yet met the drummer, but the student of his who played in the recital is ready for the pros. Allegro students can also receive instruction in piano and voice. If you mention the 9 YO, he’s sure to get some free guitar pics, pix, picks (whatever).
  • Can you dig the boy’s bobbing head? Makes me want to squeeze him.
  • I’m almost certain that Jeff’s twirly finger means “ONE MORE TIME!” and not, “This kid is nuts.”
  • Could the boy run off stage any faster? ENCORE!

Allegro did a great job on the recital. The whole thing was free, but they accepted donations for World Care at the door. That ends the do-gooder portion of this post. The point is that my kid is too freaking cool. Do you think paleomartiantologists gather around the impact crater after a hard day’s excavation to enjoy some guitar strumming as they gaze at Phobos and Deimos?

* Did I mention I am a sell-out, er, Amazon Associate?

2 thoughts on “My Baby Riffs!

  1. Tracy says:

    That is totally freakin awesome!! Your very talented boy must make your heart swell so big it makes your eyes leak. If he becomes a famous-famous musician, can I go backstage with you? I’ve never “been backstage” I always wanted to, though. I’m so impressed!!

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