My House of Carbs

Look at this, wouldja? Just look it! Robyn gave me some Amish Friendship bread.

Robyn isn’t Amish. I think she just wanted a bloggy shout out. She’s such a blog whore. If it were possible for me to exist in Arizona, or Earth for that matter, without Robyn – forget it. It’s not possible and I don’t want to contemplate an Earth without her. I wanted to hate her friendship bread because she’s always so sickeningly spectacular (Girl Scout leader, social worker, gaiety engineer), but I couldn’t. The crust was sweet and chewy, the center oh so moist. I still don’t want a baggie of dough sitting on my counter cluttering my tidy collection of clutter, thank you very much, but I’ll take more bread.

Ah, but this wasn’t my only gift of grub. The Interim Rector’s wife gave me some of her Irish soda bread.

Her ingredient list includes currants, orange peel, and brandy. Add some butter and lightly toast it. HEY OH! She recommends marmalade or honey as a topper. I have it pictured here with the last bit of the Hubster’s aunt’s pepper jelly. You wouldn’t want to use it, but it sure makes a pretty picture.

Once again my friends shine with generosity.

3 thoughts on “My House of Carbs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Holy Mother of Carbos, Batgirl!! I’m Inspired!! Do you want my super-duper-easy-peasy bread recipie?

    1 can of beer
    self rising flour

    Mix gently until sticky dough. Put in greased pan, cook until brown at 350!!

    This is a bread recipie that is super sensitve to weather. sometimes it is 2 cups of flour, sometimes 3, once it was 4. and the cook time, too. Somewhere between 30-75 minutes. Sensitve or not, it’s still stoopid easy.


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