Rated PG-13

I’ve been, uhm, looser in my language lately. Tweeting at work and in the 6 YO girl’s salon (put an accent on that “o” and it’s classroom in Spanish, not a place to get your hair done where language can be more racy) has elevated my awareness of just that. So I took this test and got this result:

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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • suck (4x)
  • ass (3x)
  • sex (2x)
  • fucking (1x)

I imagine that in posting my naughty word count I may have caused an exciting development in my blog rating.

3 thoughts on “Rated PG-13

  1. populistpugilist says:

    I soooo know what you mean. For overuse of the words “contextualization,” “anthologized,” “immemorial,” “mythopoeia,” and “malingers,” my blogged got a BGD* rating.

    *Big Giant Dork

  2. ahardy says:

    i hope your children do not read your blog.
    surely, you would be polluting their minds!

    PG-13, huh.
    *almost* inspired to update my blog.
    wonder if i could work on a XXX rating…

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