Todd-O Update

Todd-o, who is in need of thousands of dollars in dental care including an “elective” crown (I think that means either Todd-o wants a golden grill or insurance companies are stupid), underwent minor outpatient surgery last week. During the course of setting up that surgery, two cancerous bumps were discovered and removed from his nose. YAY nose scabs! Toward the end of the week, Todd-o got to feel the glory of state budget cuts resulting in increased tuition. OUCH. I guess we’ll be having him over more often for dinner, which is really in my favor anyway.

As you can imagine, Todd-o is in need of some good news. It may have arrived this week along with several empty packing boxes that have been dragged into the home of loud, inconsiderate, and surprisingly tolerant of high adult tenant to square footage ratios neighbors. Todd-o alerted Mike the Mormon who responded with this poster.

Click on it for the full-sized image in all it’s clever glory.

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