Trick? or Treat?

What do you think they stock the wet bar of a Prius limo with?

Limousine liberal is the pejorative term referring to rich lefties who spend little of their time, talent, or treasure with poor folks. I thought George Wallace coined the term, but whatever. Maybe it was Mario Procaccino. Anyway, what I wouldn’t give, on occasion, to be a limousine liberal in a stretch Prius in my fair trade, organic silk, onion dyed ball gown!

My diamonds would be from Canada or Arkansas. I’d be dripping with them. I’d have a completely edible facial treatment daily. Since my food must not be shipped over 100 miles, I’d fly to Hawaii for pineapples. I’d buy a house and level it for the landfill so that I can build a totally green house with those swirly light bulbs.

So, what is the point of a Prius limousine? Is it awesomely tricked out or to be treated like an absurdity? Would it be a treat to drive around or a trick to make us think we are good people?

Share your thoughts.