Unexpected Guest

We had a friend stop by for a bit of convalescence. Meet Nugget.

I suppose what I should say is, “You remember Nugget, of course.” After all, you met her earlier this year when she made her debut on national television.

She’s lost her balance and after a good hen pecking Hawt Mz Molly decided that perhaps Nugget needed a break from the bullying. There was more than one Recess Queen*in the school’s coop. Those chickens should set a better example for the summer camp kids. They could have inquired about her health. Fireball did.

So did Persephone.

Cessy said, “Howdi Do*?”

Boris, the best damn dog around, sat guard knowing an injured chicken is a lame duck in a neighborhood shared with hawks, owls, and coyotes, among others.

Nugget is quarantined. She can’t be around kids if she’s sick and I’m certainly not going to let her too close to my flock. My Peaceable Kingdom is no place for shunning or ostrich-ism, so nugget was forced out into the open to stretch her wings and eat ants. (I wish she’d teach my chickens that trick.) Looky there! She’s got her balance back.

Okay, she didn’t really. If you look closely you can see my finger under her breast. My finger is attached to my hand and my hand is holding nugget up.

In all seriousness, Nugget is *the* favorite hen of the kids at school. She is reliably compliant for holding and petting. She’s a good layer. While she’s perked up, her comb is noticeably flaccid. She moves her legs and wings on her own, but she tips over when not held upright. Those of you who are inclined to farm mentality or too busy worrying about Iran, this is the end of the post. For the rest of you, think kind thoughts for Nugget and the hundreds of kids who love her.

* Did I mention I am a sell-out, er, Amazon Associate?

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