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4 thoughts on “But We’re Happy Now?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I told Derek the same thing. I need a real job. I cited the benefits of health insurance, steady paycheck, no more homemade gifties, extra money for vacations, etc. Here is what he told me:

    1. Who is going to get the Kiddos afterschool?
    2. Who is going to take the girls to the library and help them with the 35 ginourmous projects they are assigned?
    3. who is going to monitor internet/Wii/homework?
    4. who is gonna run all my dumb errands? Like taxes/llc/cdl/speeding tickets?
    5. You won’t be happy unless you teach what you are doing, and there aren’t any Native American Regalia Classes I know of. and who will teach the girls how to make regalia?
    6. I know the profit margin is small when you spend 100$ on feathers and sell a fan for 150, but that is still 50 dollars!

    7. I’d rather be broke if you are happy at home. If I can’t be there, then you should at the very least be happy in your work.

    I may have cried and snuffled a bit, but I am still working on regalia.

    A job you love has a huge payoff for the whole famdamily. And you and me are lucky enough to know it.

    ~Tracy (she has the best hubby in OK)

  2. buy cheap lasix says:

    Right, Dad, it was the right thing for me to hang out with Angela at age 11 until 10 p.m. on a school night then bike home in the dark across town without ever telling you where I was. Let’s stick to your story though.

    Tracy, next time Derek leaves for work, I’ll sit by the curb with you and the wee boy and wait for him to return.

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