Why “RebL”?
As a tween, which wasn’t a word when I was a tween, I realized I could shorten my name from “Rebecca Long” to “RebL” and signed every covert note I passed during class with those letters. The name stuck. My father especially loved the moniker and called me RebL until his death in spite of the fact that all my rebellion was directed inward.

What type of freelance work do you do?
My day job gets priority, so I look for assignments I can complete quickly. Press releases and blog posts are the most common requests I get. I’ve also done copy editing of banquet collateral and other marketing materials for local businesses and non-profits. Pricing is negotiable, but typically determined by word count and handshakes.

Do you accept books for review?
I rarely accept unsolicited books for review. You may choose to send me a book, but I may choose not to review it. If I request a book, I am committed to review it.

How do you read so much?
I don’t. Nobody reads that much.

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