Round 2 with Happy Hour Car Hop

I’m not wrathfull any longer, just perplexed by a world in which I can no longer communicate with today’s car hoppers. An update:

“Hi, yes. I would like an unsweetened iced tea with sugar on the side [and some other stuff].”

“Okay, so you want unsweet iced tea with sugar on the side [and some other stuff].”


“We’ll have that right out to you.”

“Great. Thanks.”

Tea is delivered, you guessed it, sans sugar by the same bitchette whose face spreads a slow smile as she recognizes the minivan mom who can’t come to terms with her sweet tooth. “Oh, that’s right. You need sugar. How many packets?” Clearly, what she wanted to ask was, “Why don’t you just order sweet tea?”

“Three will do.” Apparently, ordering it correctly doesn’t guarantee a correct delivery. That’s where I rolled my eyes at her (secretly, inside my head where she couldn’t see). After delivering half our order she heads back inside for the sugar and returning moments later with no less than a fist full of packets. Great thanks.

I drove away and the 9 YO boy digs into the fried mozzarella sticks. Of course the gooey fried goodness came without condiment. Rooster plucking mother trucker!

Of course, I still haven’t done a darn thing for Lent.

2 thoughts on “Round 2 with Happy Hour Car Hop

  1. ahardy says:

    why do you pull in for carhop service? you should just use the DRIVE THRU.


    p.s. my word verification is “batswo”.
    eta: now it’s “wagrat”

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