Todd-o’s Time in Tucson

Todd-o caught Valley Fever. His BFFs got it too; one got it twice.

His bike was stolen. The bike he found and repaired was reclaimed.

His BFF was beaten unconscious and left for dead (but totally recovered with little more than a few rugged, handsome scars as a reminder).

While running Thanksgiving errands, some thug shot Todd-o. He got a ride to the hospital and his car impounded.

He cleaned dog poo in my yard for a full year.

A ceiling caved in on his bed.

In an unrelated event, his home was struck by lightening splitting the wall and damaging his electronics.

He lived next to a Mariah Carey fan with a sleep disorder.

Am I forgetting something? Most probably, since we suspect some one of siphoning gas from his auto. Lots of exciting stuff happens to Todd-o. For example,


a f- f- Friday,

he woke up to find his car stolen.

None of this ever happened to him in Oklahoma. But it’s totally okay. We took him to lunch for wings hotter than Brad Pitt.

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