We should all be so well edited.

No one questioned the published writing of the other 9 YO with whom I worked. Seriously, you can’t just be happy for the boy?

Here are the facts:
1) I showed him spell check.
2) He conducted interviews and used the interviewee’s words in paraphrasing.
3) Multiple drafts were involved.
4) There is an editor on the other end who is trying to foster good writing in kids and at the same time has a responsibility to the reading public.
5) Yes, the 9 YO boy wrote the article.
6) You can kiss my ass.

The editor has deleted the exciting conclusion of this blog because she’s pretty sure I can’t threaten to kill people.

3 thoughts on “We should all be so well edited.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is going on? Is this just a Tuscon thang and butt out? Of course Parrish wrote it, he has the byline, and last I heard, Newspapers were picky about that stuff.


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