Cornball Corn Dog Lover

Yes, we recycle gray water. Yes, we are mindful of our utility usage. Yes, I buy only grass fed beef. Yes, we eat veggies from our garden. Still, a boy’s gotta love what a boy’s gotta love, and my boy loves corn dogs. He loves corn dogs so much that when one of his teachers assigned a project on architecture, he constructed a museum for the documentation of the storied past of the corn dog. When another teacher assigned a five paragraph, three point essay for his writing journal, he found a way to honor his obsession. Oddly, he never once mentions mustard.

Favorite Food — by 10 YO Boy

I love corn dogs becuase they taste awsome. They also never get boring. Last of all they are finger goods but your finger never touches theme.

Corn dogs never get boring becuase you can eat all week and never tier the taste out. I know becuase I eat corn dog almost every time I eat out.

Corn dogs are my favorit food becuase they are a cleaner finger food because they have a stick.

That why corn dogs are my favorit food becuase they taste awsome. They also don’t tier. And therd of all they are a clean finger food.

5 thoughts on “Cornball Corn Dog Lover

  1. Denveater says:

    Did he just have to build the museum or did he unearth the historical documents? If he could enlighten us as to its development, that would be swell! Lush mustache, kid.

  2. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    First of all, Spelling is not a subject. It's a convention at best — and a stupid one at that.

    And B, the 10 YO boy is a speech kid. The first time he got a spelling test home with a correctly spelled word, it was three actually, we had a celebratory dinner.

    Third, thank you, thank you. Ruth, I think P should so totally dig up that history. I'll make that suggestion. MO, engineers are very, very, and did I mention very smart folks, just like the 10 YO. See how dumb spelling is? Jacques, yes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totallly agree with P. but I like the baby ones without a stick. But, I am weird like that. I need to touch my food. He didn't mention Corn dogs are also awsome because they have such a wonderful autumn color, and everyone knows fall is an awsome season.


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