Blogoraptor’s List of Five Things

A writing prompt given to my son last year asked him to create a list of five things. I’m revisiting it this year because 1) the list accurately reflects his thought process, 2) not only is it thoughtful and creative, it’s funny, 3) public schools, 4) he killed it on his PSAT, which is not related but brag-worthy anyway, and 5) today is his birthday. This is his list.

Blogoraptor's Five Things

Top 5 Jobs (Real and Imaginary)

1.) Fictional Inventor: This person pops up when heroes need a scientific miracle.
+ Jack of all trades and master of all
+ Vast amounts of mysterious funding
+ Spend all day building interesting and improbable devices
+ Secluded housing
– Too much pressure to become evil
– They never appear to have much free time
– Secluded housing

2.) Aerospace Engineer: This person designs space rockets!
+ Sends objects into space
+ Knows actual rocket science
+ Good pay
+ Normal work hours
– Despite building the rockets I can’t go into space (too tall)
– Time and money must be put in to arrive at this job

3.) Ingen Employee: Working for the company responsible for Jurassic park, possibly as some form of park engineer.
+ Dinosaurs
+ Live at the park
+ Dinosaurs
+ Provide enjoyment to people
– Likely to be killed and eaten
– Small staff, so more duties (as outlined in the books)

4.) Institute Scientist (Fallout 4): “Sounds like something a Synth would say.”
+ 50s ascetic, without all the -isms
+ Cool music
+ Synths (Synthetic Humanoids, or androids)
+ Laser guns
+ Teleportation
+ Research freedom
– Surrounded by robo-racists
– Some amoral goings-on
– If the director’s surviving parent doesn’t like us we will all die (long story)
– Radiation, a lot of radiation, at least outside


5.) Paleomartianologist (A.K.A. Astropaleontologist): Coined by a young me in an interview during news coverage of the Phoenix Mars Lander Mission at The University of Arizona.
+ Space
+ Dinosaurs
+ Space Dinosaurs
– No space dinosaurs yet, just space microbes
– Microbiology

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  1. Rebecca Celaya says:

    Happy Birthday Rebecca, what a brilliant boy you’ve brought into this universe today 17 short years ago.

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