Not Selling Girl Scout Cookies Online

Let me start off by saying we are not selling Girl Scout Cookies on-line. No, we are not. We are not because that is clearly against the rules. GSUSA prohibits internet sales of Girl Scout Cookies. This includes on-line auctions, broadcast e-mail messages, and/or council Web sites. Got that? Are we clear? Let’s face it, even if it were allowed, we’d never get to the post office to mail your order to you.

Now that we have covered how we are not selling GSCs on-line, I’d like to point out that many of you who adore the 6 YO girl and do live in Tucson may need of a source for GSCs. Consider contacting her since her personal sales goal is 185 boxes, approximately 1/4th of the goal for her entire troop. Think big baby girl!

GSCs claim no trans fats, but they do have partially hydrogenated oils in them anyway. Perhaps that would be inappropriate ingesta for you, but you would still like to help a sista out. Our church, Grace St. Paul’s, has a food ministry called Joseph’s Pantry. It is an agency of the Tucson Community Food Bank and Association of Arizona Food Banks. George and a Daisy GS sister of hers are taking donations of boxes of cookies to the pantry for their “Gift of Caring”. You could also talk to her about how to donate cookies toward that project.

Yes, I did just return from a GS meeting. At that meeting I picked up two uniforms in need of patch sewing. Some of you may know that in the process of sewing the 6YOs uni, a needle broke and flew at my face so quickly I heard a tiny sonic boom. OUCH! Sewing? Cookie sales? What the? And if you remember correctly I joined the PTO at my son’s school for a t-shirt discount. I drive, and love, a minivan with easy listening on the radio. I’m forcing my kids to eat carrots to help them poo. Fundamental shifts have occurred in my whoaminess. Where are my old lady jeans and hair scrunchies?

3 thoughts on “Not Selling Girl Scout Cookies Online

  1. Anonymous says:

    This post has me cracking up! You are so funny!

    By the way, I am so sorry that your (and Matt’s) Sooners didn’t wallop those Gators. Ugh. At least I no longer live near all of them to have to hear about how awesome they are ALL THE TIME.

    Also driving the minivan I SWORE I never would,
    Amy in OH

  2. John says:

    My guess:
    the jeans are in the wash to get out the fuscia stain from the beets and the scrunchies are stuffed in the crack between the seat back and seat in the minivan.

    I also guess Col. Mustard in the library with the noose.


  3. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    You know Amy, if we just own it, the minivan driving that is, won’t that make it all better? Hells to the yeah we drive minivans peppered with hidden fries! Or is that just mine?

    Dad, I’m giving you special featured commenter status, though I was afraid for a second that you were going to say that the scrunchies could be found up a different crack.

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