Nugget Update

Perhaps you remember a nice family who, out of the kindness of their hearts, fostered a sick or injured bird in their peaceable kingdom. Not knowing the extent of Nugget’s problems, we opened our home to her. Everyone pitched in. The people set up a private space. The dog and cat kept predators at bay. The birds shared their food and bedding. Yes, we stepped up in service to one of God’s creatures when the pathetic Nugget pleaded for sanctuary.

After much tender loving care, it became clear that Nugget was not ill nor egg bound. Nugget came to us after being on the losing end of a fight with her peeps that left her temporarily paralyzed; then walking like a drunk; and now, almost fully recovered. We’ve taught her to take treats by hand; we’ve taught her to free range, and we are working on teaching her to properly perch. I don’t know what she was learning at that school she attended, but it wasn’t how to be a chicken.

Nugget is no chicken. Nay, she’s a pit bull. The Mom-a-Tron homestead is a place where we all get along – no exceptions, and frankly, I’m struggling. My sweet flock, who had risked illness and sacrificed their resources for the sake of this damn bird, has been sucked in by an impostor! Oh, yes. Today, Persephone innocently passed by Nugget who then jumped on her back and pecked away. Persephone said, “Screw this,” and booked it far away from the pesky pecker. Persephone is a lover you see. I don’t think Flower cared for the gross display of bullying and she barked at Nugget, who then attacked Flower.

“Dude!” I said. “You weigh like half what my lightest bird does and you still aren’t secure in your footing. They will take you down.” Clearly, we have to keep working on unschooling Nugget. She may be ready for the school yard or more likely the prison yard, but not yet for my yard. Even so, I thought her spunk was newsworthy for those who love her and would like an update on her progress. I grabbed my camera. This is what I caught.

Ho, yeah. She pecked at Sailor Moon. Nugget is lucky that I had put her back in the crate after she got onto Persephone and Flower. Sailor Moon likes her space and everyone else’s. She likes her food and everyone else’s. She can keep the banties warm or she can make them miserable. Better I distract Sailor Moon with a treat. Not fully expressing her aggression, Nugget then goes after Fireball. That’s right. The only hen Nugget hasn’t fussed at is Buttercup, who is my most haughty bantam. Even so, you can tell how much better Nugget feels by how she’s standing at full height and showing off those tail feathers. I’m thinking she has less physical rehab left and much more social rehab in her future.

And so if you were thinking good thoughts for Nugget and the kids who love her, you can quit. Instead, think good thoughts for my computer for the battery is deceased and think good thoughts for my work because they need traffic and think good thoughts about loose nukes and stuff like that. Nugget will be just fine.

3 thoughts on “Nugget Update

  1. Alex Hardy says:

    I love the hilarity of this post. Only YOU can blog wittily about your life experiences. YES. I just used blog as a verb. Wonder if it made into Webster's Dictionary.

    Catching up on your older posts.
    DUDE. Your OK home is Effin' CUTE!
    Have a great visit!

  2. Rebecca Ballenger says:

    Awww. Thanks. For all the comps!

    I blog because you did it first, and so I was so very pleased reading your latest post. Though in honestly moms like you with clean houses and awesome platings (I noun/verbed for you too) and packaged so nicely are exhausting for moms like me struggling to maintain.

    I love my little house on the plains.

    Props to you for knowing how to use your dictionary!

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