Solar Power Rocks!

For a second, I was at Winfest. Then I realized things weren’t green and squishy. Also, we live in Tucson and not Winslow. You’d think that because both towns are in Arizona no big diff, but you’d be wrong. My thoughts took me to Winslow, Arkansas where Arkansawyers get down to bluegrass and rock and country and stuff. The Hubster adored his Fighting Squirrels (closed in 2005). I’m more lukewarm remembering bootleggers and black eyes, but I can’t deny the environmental beauty of Northwestern Arkansas.

Nay. I’m talking about Tucson’s Solar Rock Festival, which in its comparative infancy has its own dedication to environmental beauty.
You see that graphic up there? Check out that percentage. Yup, 100% solar powered rock concert. Having biked to a 100% solar powered rock concert, why on earth would I feel compelled to turn out my lights for an hour when I returned home? Terrifying! People create babies in the dark.

I didn’t take photos at Solar Rock because of the back breaking work involved with volunteering for these slave drivers. I was there for set up, during which I ate a bagel and snagged a repurposed “T”. I returned later to work the kids’ booth, where ankle biters (and Boris) created original works of art on organic cotton grocery bags. The creations by some of the young people rocked my world even without solar powered amplifiers. The art on my children’s faces packed powerful punches as well. The 9 YO boy requested a scorpion lizard and the 6 YO girl’s kitty face was furry cuteness.

Luckily someone else took photos. 1) Presenting the Hubster, 2) Scorpion Lizard King and Queen Kitten Cat, 3) Boris’s blood-red paw against a Turkish rug, 4) Solar panels on wheels.

And there you have it – a completely exhausting day. If my lights were out at 8 p.m., it’s because we earned an early bed time.

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