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If you were paying attention, I attempted to record in my widgets the books the kids and I read this summer. I didn’t do such a great job. The kids read at night when it was too dark for me to see them and it is such a PITA (pain in the ass – via a Solar Rock pal) for them to speak to me, much less tell me what they read. I didn’t do much better recording the books I read. For example, I read a book from the Dear Dumb Diary*series and thought it was hi-LAR-ious. Still, I neglected to list it. Nor did I list The Tale of Despereaux*. So, I pretty much suck at record keeping. In this case, not such a big deal. In the case of immunization records, such a big deal.

By far our favorite was Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I must admit, the series isn’t without it’s drawbacks. It’s highly predictable and repetitive, and is critical of the Water Cycle. On the other hand, I enjoyed the Dantesque undertones and the cameos of Melville, Voltaire, Congreve, Woolf, Flaubert, Beckett, and many, many others. Also, the kids and I have been discussing what makes a villain or volunteer. Are you a bad guy if you tell a lie, commit a tiny bit of manslaughter (or at least assault), or neglect to care for your fingernails?

We have yet to read the final book – The End. We don’t have to overly savor that book. In 2012, when my kids insist the world will end in spite of my years, YEARS, of experience with such bogus predictions, all of which I survived, Lemony Snicket is scheduled to present a new four-book series. Between The End and the end (2012), I’ll be attempting to read through all the Newbery Award winners. Care to join me?


Summer reads that I managed to compile in a list-y, link-y format (will someone please return them to the bookshelf?):
The Invention of Hugo Cabret– 9 YO & MomA Series of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-12– ALLExtraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil– 7 & 9 YOsThe Trumpet of the Swan– ALLIs That A Sick Cat In Your Backpack?– 9 YOSound Off! #1 (DANIEL BOOM AKA LOUD BOY)– 9 YOHowtoons: The Possibilities Are Endless!– 9 YOCoraline: The Graphic Novel – 7 YOA.L.I.E.E.E.N. – 7 & 9 YOsFashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero – 7 YOSardine in Outer Space 2 – 9 YOBabymouse #3: Beach Babe – 7 YOLittle Vampire – 9 YOBabymouse #4: Rock Star – 7 YOWarriors Super Edition: Firestar’s Quest– 9 YO & MomRapunzel’s Revenge – 7 YOAnimorphs #37: The Weakness – 9 YOIn FAIRYLAND. With the Text of The Princess Nobody. Edited & with a Foreword by Cary Wilkins. – 7 YOStink: Book 1 – 9 YOThe Twelve Dancing Princesses – 7 YONasty Nature (Horrible Science) – 9 YO
Flat Stanley – 7 YOStar Wars, Episode III – Revenge of the Sith – 9 YOTransformers: Beast Wars: The Gathering – 9 YO
* Did I mention I am a sellout Amazon Associate? I am and even managed to make $2 off you suckers!

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  1. populistpugilist says:

    Mom-a-Tron is my summer reading. That and arrest warrant affidavits. Although summer isn't technically over yet.

    I tried steering you some sell-out money. Not sure it lets me, but I'm giving myself a gold star for ongoing effort and good intent.

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